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Pet Space Club is the “Online Pet Supplies” platform under Pet Space Group, the largest veterinary group in Hong Kong. All veterinary prescription diets, medicines, and health products sold are centrally sourced by the group to ensure their authenticity.

As an online pet shop, Pet Space Club brings quality pet products from around the world. All our products are endorsed by professional veterinarians and our management team. Treat your furry friends with the best care.

Shop now through our carefully curated pet products. Together, let’s protect your furry friends’ health!

Top Sellers

The health of your furry friends is the most important thing for every pet owner. Pet Space Club sells a variety of deworming medicines and prescription diets formulated for dogs and cats, and pet health supplements to keep your furry friends away from serious diseases such as heartworm disease. Shop now:

On Sale

Various pet food & treats, and health supplements are now on sale at a discounted price. This is a limited-time offer, so don’t miss it:

New Arrivals

Pet Space Club is your source for the best pet products worldwide. We have some exciting new arrivals for you, and they are on sale for a limited time. Treat your furry friends now:

Recommended Brands

Pet Space Club is always on the hunt for quality pet products from around the world. We sell products from well-known pet product brands, making us your perfect one-stop online pet shop for your furry friends’ health needs!

Gift Idea

Pet Space Club has more than just pet products for you! We also have gift products so you can share the love with your friends’ and relatives’ pets. Surprise them with quality gift products they will enjoy. Spread the joy and shop now:

Dogs Zone

Pet Space Club offers a wide range of quality pet products from around the world. Find everything you need for your dog’s food, health, and well-being. Shop now:

Cats Zone

Pet Space Club offers you a large selection of quality pet products for your cats from around the world. Browse our selection of food, health products, and other cat supplies. Shop now:

ONCE - Freeze Dried Cat Grass

Pet Space Club Delivers Pet Health to Your Home!

Pet Space Club is your one-stop online pet shop for everything your pets need. From food to supplements, grooming to cleaning essentials, we have it all! Our veterinary expert team selects the best pet products from around the world for you and your furry friends. All our products are from well-known brands and recommended by vets and our experienced management team. Trust us with your pets’ health and well-being. If you have any questions about our products or how to order, feel free to contact us.


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